Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I luv

I luv,
luv to feel your skin upon mine
luv the sweet smell of your sweat
chocolate beads of raindrops saturate my caramel folds

I luv,
luv to be seduced by you
luv the way your mysterious eyes pierce my soul
silently they command my submission with a glance

I luv,
luv how your tongue demands attention
luv the way it traces my lips
passionately painting my canvas with your saliva

I luv,
luv to hear you moan my name
luv the hypnotic sound of baritone
vibrating my eardrum, beckoning me to surrender

I luv,
luv the way you hungrily drink from my vessel
luv how your insatiable thirst causes you to drain
me of every last drop

I luv,
luv to say I luv all things you